What is Workers' Compensation?

Employers use workers' compensation to better ensure that if an accident occurs on the job, an injured employee will be able to fully recover without the stress of losing their income. If you were injured on the job or have sustained a work related illness, you have the right to file a claim and pursue compensation.

Understanding the ins and outs of the workers' compensation process in your state can often be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a recent injury or illness. A workers' compensation attorney can step in, manage your case, and better help you receive the compensation you're entitled to.

Who Determines Workers' Compensation Eligibility?

The workers compensation process varies depending upon which state you are in. In most workers' compensation cases, the insurance provider will evaluate your initial claim and determine if you qualify for compensation, but in some states a workers' compensation review board will evaluate claims.

Regardless of your states procedure, having a legal expert on your side can be very beneficial. Attorneys have experience negotiating with insurance companies to maximize your benefits and if necessary appeal an unjust verdict.

How Long Does Workers' Compensation Benefits Last?

The length of which your workers' compensation benefits will last is dependent upon the type of benefits you are receiving. For individuals who are granted temporary benefits, your compensation will typically end once you have fully recovered and are able to maintain full-time employment. For those who receive permanent benefits, you will typically receive compensation until death or until a full medical recovery is achieved. If an individual who is granted permanent benefits is able to find a new full-time occupation, benefits may be terminated.

Hiring a Workers' Compensation Attorney

Many people who have sustained injury or illness while on the job turn to workers' compensation attorneys to handle their claims. Attorneys have the expertise to handle claims based on your state's specific criteria and can represent you in the court of law. Our FREE case review service can connect you to an attorney in your area who can help you with your claim and potentially maximize your award.

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